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LED Light Bars - Additional LED Work Lights - Spotlights

LED Light Bars - Additional LED Work Lights - Spotlights

The widest selection of LED light bars, additional LED work lights and LED spotlights on the market for your 4x4, Pick-up, motorcycle, ATV, SSV, truck and so on.

Our LED light bars and spotlights are ultra-powerful and reliable and come with a 5-year guarantee. Also see our range of fastening and connection accessories such as the brackets for LED light bars and spotlights, as well as all the cabling harnesses you need for the LED spotlights and ramps.

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Discover the vast and specialized universe of additional LED lighting, the ideal solution for cars, 4x4s, motorcycles, ATVs, trucks, construction or agricultural machinery. At LedPerf, with our 15 years of experience, we are proud to present a complete range of additional LED lights, renowned for their top-notch performance, energy efficiency, and exceptional durability.

What is Additional LED Lighting for Vehicles?

Additional LED lighting for vehicles refers to any supplementary lighting system installed on a vehicle to enhance its visibility and increase driver safety. This type of lighting is essential for driving or working efficiently in low light conditions or during night driving.

For which vehicles are they intended?

Additional LED lights are particularly beneficial for:

  • - 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles: For better visibility in nighttime adventures on and off the road.
  • - Heavy-duty trucks: Ideal for long night journeys, ensuring clear and distant vision.
  • - Agricultural or construction machinery: Essential in intensive work, where good visibility is crucial for safety and efficiency in order to provide quality work.

Extended Range and Versatility

Our selection includes high-performance LED headlights, work lights, and additional 12v lights for cars, motorcycles, and utility vehicles, and 24v for trucks and construction or agricultural machinery. You have the choice of "real" powers ranging from 8W to over 200W.

Our LED light bars are available in straight or curved versions, single row or double row of LEDs, with or without Daytime Running Lights, and made with top-quality materials to ensure longevity and reliability. The "real" powers available range from 15W to over 300W.

Advanced Technology and Design

Our LED products, additional long-range headlights, work lights, LED bars, and ramps, are designed to provide powerful lighting, suitable for a variety of needs and conditions including intensive work. Stylish and functional, they are equipped with the latest LED technology for maximum brightness and a weather-resistant aluminum housing that can withstand the toughest conditions.

Vehicle-Specific Solutions

Whether for a truck, a 4x4, a motorcycle, an ATV, a rally car, a tractor, etc, our LED lights are suitable for a multitude of vehicles. We offer, for example, lighting solutions for heavy-duty trucks, with additional long-range headlights, and powerful LED light bars for off-road applications.

Design and Flexibility

Our range includes slim LED ramps / bars of a single row, perfect for off-road vehicles, as well as LED light bars with side lights and daytime lighting function for daily use. We also offer curved LED ramps, offering an extended lighting width, and varied light beam options (spot, flood, combo) to meet specific needs.

Safety and Compliance

Our products meet high standards of quality and performance, ensuring a safe and reliable driving experience. LED light bars for trucks and LED headlights for 4x4s and rally cars are specially designed for demanding drivers, seeking optimal visibility during their journeys or competitions.

Accessories and Installation

We also provide Mounting brackets for LED light bars and additional driving lights, as well as easy-to-install power cable harnesses, equipped with all the necessary components. These accessories are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, ensuring easy, stable, and durable installation.

Commitment to Quality

At LedPerf, we are committed to providing superior quality products at affordable prices, with a customer satisfaction guarantee. Whether you are looking for lighting solutions for professional or personal use, we have the products to meet your needs.